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Working in a safe way

Our Services Under Lockdown

ABLE COMICS can still operate under all of Covid-19 lockdown levels. The workflow will vary according to the specifics of each individual client. 


Our processes will be similar to those routinely followed with clients from outside of Auckland. We will communicate through Zoom to undertake initial data gathering and script writing. Storyboards will then be produced to help us to inform the photographic process which may be undertaken by the client. Able Comics will provide detailed instructions as well as coach you through the steps needed to make the necessary images. Picture editing and story construction would follow our usual model, with checking and approval before the completion of the final Able Comic. 

With the unpredictability of the public health controls around coronavirus and the differing levels of lockdown, we have become aware of the impact upon disabled people and their families and whānau. 


Both the loss of the range of supported disability activities; as services follow guidelines on restriction of contact, and the requirements of social distancing and mask wearing have had a negative impact.


The outcomes for many disabled people have been evident in their behaviour and communication. Alongside frustration and the reemergence of obsessive behaviours the reaction to changes in support staff have all been evident.


Messaging to support staff about support and success, as well as reinforcers for the disabled person can be readily achieved by using Able Comics. The impacts of auditory processing issues as well as the loss of consistent and predictable support approaches are readily addressed by the use of a single page Able Comic. These can be prepared in advance of any lockdown, or refined and revised as circumstances change. The coaching an Able Comic will provide, both for the disabled person and support staff, will lead to better outcomes for all. 

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