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The comic strip format is very suitable to delivering specific messages pertaining to advocacy and disability rights. Here are a few samples that we have produced.  

Acting To Advocate

We created 10 photo strips for A2A that tell their stories using photo strips. The acting troupe has been performing at schools and support organisations across Auckland promoting disability rights. The strips are used as support material to leave with the clients. 


In My Own Words

This series presented the unique stories of people with disabilities who live in supported households and who have successfully integrated themselves into the community. We primarily aimed to reflect the personalities and accomplishments of individuals who are disabled, but we also found that they promoted the principles of Enabling Good Lives and in some cases reveal the social prejudices that people endure while living in care.


Let's All Vote

With the national elections coming up, we created a series of 4 comic strips in collaboration with A2A that inform people about their right to vote. 

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