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Reinforcing Personal Goals


  • Highlight the goals and choices of individuals 

  • Inform family, support workers, learning assistants 

  • Raise the self-esteem of the disabled person

Families can tell their stories and highlight success and challenges. Photo strips are a useful tool to communicate with support staff and community services. 

Disability services can use social stories to illustrate a person-centred approaches and Principles of EGL.  

ABLE COMICS can help audiences to understand that we all have feelings, desires and goals, and that disabled people are no different to anyone else. 

It's TIME to STOP!

Listen to the people we call disabled, and their families and whanau and support what they want, NOT what we think they need. Without consideration it is too easy to impose our own bias or stigma upon people with a disability difference. This is ableism. It has the same impact as racism and sexism; both of these are areas of social response that we are aware of and regard as prejudice. Such discrimination is illegal under the Human Rights Act 1993.

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ABLE COMICS create person -centred narratives that help to define our lives. Stories give our lives meaning and purpose, and offer a valuing place in the world for everyone.


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