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Quite simply, social stories need to be told. Disabled people need to be respected and their voices heard.


A major change in the way disabled people, their families and whānau are supported is being introduced into New Zealand. A person-centred approach is being promoted, which meets the needs and wishes of disabled people. This approach is being implemented through the process of System Transformation, which occurs first with the disability service providers.   


ABLE COMICS presents stories which need to be heard, to help disability services adopt new ways of thinking and providing support for disabled people, their families and whānau.


Our work with ABLE COMICS is grounded upon 30 years of combined experience facilitating the voice of disabled people through community theatre and filmmaking. The narratives of disabled people helps us focus on change for the better.


My name is Sophie and I'm a Diva,  you can see my story under the Sample Menu.

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